Oct. 4, 2016
Thomas Oppong

Working in a startup is cool and exciting, but that doesn’t mean the job is less challenging. In fact, most startups – especially those who are still bootstrapping – often ask a lot of their workers. Late hours, weekends at the office and still plenty of tasks to bring home with you are not uncommon at all.

The burden is even heavier if you’re an owner or part-owner of the startup. The responsibility is yours to carry, which means you often have to work twice as hard. The next few tips we are about to discuss in this article will help you keep up with all that and stay productive.

Know your limits

Having a balanced life is the key to staying productive. You can only push so hard; at one point, you will feel burnt out and your productivity will start to decline. In fact, going on an all-work routine with long hours will reduce your productivity level much quicker than you think.

I know there are so many things to do in order for the startup to be successful. You may even want to contribute more to the success of the company. These are great intentions, but that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice other parts of your life to get there.

At the end of the day, you just have to know your limits. When you start feeling burnt out, take a walk or go on a relaxing getaway. A movie night or a staycation over the weekend is often enough to get you energized and ready for more challenges.

It is also a great idea as a startup owner to schedule similar activities to keep all employees fresh and full of energy. You’ll be surprised by how much going out for a relaxing dinner with the team will boost productivity.

Stay off medication

Another increasingly common trend among startup workers and owners is relying on medications to perform better. This is a dangerous path to choose and will only lead to more problems in the future.

I’m not just talking about prescription medications like Z-Pak either. Energy drinks, strong coffee and other substances that are believed to help with productivity can quickly turn into sources of problems.

The best way to avoid this is to avoid them altogether. There are better ways you stay healthy and high-spirited. That brings us to the next tip on our list, which is….

Make time for the gym

The best way to stay energized when you’re under a heavy workload is to take the time off and simply exercise. This is part of the reason why bigger, more successful startups have their own fitness room at their offices.

Exercising can really help with a lot of things. It can help improve your body’s natural metabolism, allowing for better blood circulation. This, in turn, helps with focus and concentration.

Exercising regularly will also help you fight common fatigue problems. Feeling sleepy in the middle of the day? Taking 15 minutes off work to exercise can help you fight the sleepiness in no time. Sometimes, even sitting back and taking deep breaths can help.

Manage your tasks

It is easy to get stressed out by the pile of work you still have to finish by the end of the day. The stress certainly doesn’t help and will only push your productivity further down. When you’re facing a heavy workload, take a step back and find ways to handle it properly.

First, organize the tasks you have at hand based on priority. You can then choose to work on them in order, either start with the ones that you can finish the quickest or with the ones you like doing the most. As you finish one task and move on to the next one, give yourself a little reward.

Again, this is an approach that startup owners can also encourage workers to take. Reward your employees for every completed task and you’ll see a jump in productivity almost immediately.

Do it together!

There are plenty of things to do in order to take a startup to its maximum potential. Fortunately, you don’t have to do these things alone. One of the best things about working in a startup is the fact that you can share the workload with coworkers.

Most startups are designed to be open and casual. You will also be part of a team from the moment you start working. Instead of relying on yourself, learn to work together and cover each other. Life as a startup owner or worker will be so much easier – and so much more fun – this way.

Sep. 26, 2016

Two Indian Friends come to China Firstly


It had been three months since Raichand and Natvar came to china.Raichand is the Natvar’s brother-in-law.This is the first trip to china.Everything in china will be mysterious for them.

One month before they arrived in China,they asked me a lot of stuffs about China:High-speed Train,Food,Dress and Culture.Absolutely,they worried a lot about the food.They were Brahmin in India.They are pure vegetarians,no eggs and no meat.The most of funny things that they bought three luggages of eatings,they even took the electric kettle.So what I can say,this is my first time to feel the culture difference deeply.

They were looking for the machines,so I decided to bring them to THE 13th CHINA INT’L MACHINE TOOL & TOOLS EXHIBITION.They walked around and enjoyed a lot in the exhibition.Talked with the suppliers freely,I felt they forgot the food’s trouble.After Beijing,we traveled to heibei,wuhan,foshan,shopping in shanghai and back to beijing.We had a traditional India Food in Shanghai.

We kept in touch with each other after they were back to India.That’s friendship coming into being.

Sometimes the meaning of travel is not about how beautiful the scenery along the way, but who will be the accompany by your side sharing the landscape A short trip, the beautiful memories will last forever...

Sep. 21, 2016

Father's Bible


A young man was getting ready to graduate from college. For many months he had admired a beautiful sports car in a dealers showroom,and knowing his father could well afford it, he told him that was all he wanted.

As Graduation Day approached, the young man awaited signs that his father had purchased the car.Finally, on the morning of his graduation, his father called him into his private study,told him how proud he was to have such a fine son, and how much he loved him.He handed him a beautifully wrapped gift box.Curious,but somewhat   disappointed,the young man opened the box and found a lovely,leather-bound Bible,with his name embossed in gold.Angrily,he raised his voice to his fatherand said,"With all your money you give me a Bible?" He stormed out of the house, leaving the Bible behind.

Many years passed and the young man was very successful in business.He had a beautiful home and wonderful family,but realized his father was very old.He thought perhaps he should go to him.He had not seen him since that graduation day.But before he could make arrangements,he received a telegram telling him his father had passed away, and willed all of his possessions to him.He needed to come home immediately and take care of things.

When he arrived at this father's house,sadness and regret filled his heart.He began to search through his father's important documents and saw the Bible,new,just as he had left it years ago.With tears, he opened the Bible and began to turn the pages. His father had carefully underlined a verse, Matt 7:11,"And if ye, being evil,know how to give good gifts to your children,how much more shall your Heavenly Father which is in Heaven,give to those who ask Him?"

As he read those words, a car key dropped from the back of the Bible.It had a tag with the dealers name, the same dealer who had the sports car he had desired.On the tag was the date of his graduation, and the words...PAID IN FULL.



Sometimes, we may be lack of vision to find where the love is.


Sep. 19, 2016

When I open the window,sunshine comes into my house.

Yesterday's haze flowing in the history,I had lost myself in this old times.Wandering and helpless,lock myself in the dark house.Even I forgot the time I had been.

And suddenly,there came out of children laughter,also birds singing mixed into it.i awoke with a start.I was curious what's the happening outside.So I decided to get up.

I pushed aside the curtain,opened the window.A ray of sunshine sprinkled on my face,a warm passed across of full body.Several five or six year old are playing ,laughing and chasing each other,one is fell down and cried,I couldnot help to smile.After half hour,I felt relax and easy.Anyway,I made a promise to go out of that dark house.


After two years exploring in the Aliexpress,Your Happy Shop will restart on a new day.

Your Happy Shop will born on a new day!