Sep. 19, 2016

Born on a new day!

When I open the window,sunshine comes into my house.

Yesterday's haze flowing in the history,I had lost myself in this old times.Wandering and helpless,lock myself in the dark house.Even I forgot the time I had been.

And suddenly,there came out of children laughter,also birds singing mixed into it.i awoke with a start.I was curious what's the happening outside.So I decided to get up.

I pushed aside the curtain,opened the window.A ray of sunshine sprinkled on my face,a warm passed across of full body.Several five or six year old are playing ,laughing and chasing each other,one is fell down and cried,I couldnot help to smile.After half hour,I felt relax and easy.Anyway,I made a promise to go out of that dark house.


After two years exploring in the Aliexpress,Your Happy Shop will restart on a new day.

Your Happy Shop will born on a new day!