Sep. 26, 2016

Two Indian Friends come to China Firstly

Two Indian Friends come to China Firstly


It had been three months since Raichand and Natvar came to china.Raichand is the Natvar’s brother-in-law.This is the first trip to china.Everything in china will be mysterious for them.

One month before they arrived in China,they asked me a lot of stuffs about China:High-speed Train,Food,Dress and Culture.Absolutely,they worried a lot about the food.They were Brahmin in India.They are pure vegetarians,no eggs and no meat.The most of funny things that they bought three luggages of eatings,they even took the electric kettle.So what I can say,this is my first time to feel the culture difference deeply.

They were looking for the machines,so I decided to bring them to THE 13th CHINA INT’L MACHINE TOOL & TOOLS EXHIBITION.They walked around and enjoyed a lot in the exhibition.Talked with the suppliers freely,I felt they forgot the food’s trouble.After Beijing,we traveled to heibei,wuhan,foshan,shopping in shanghai and back to beijing.We had a traditional India Food in Shanghai.

We kept in touch with each other after they were back to India.That’s friendship coming into being.

Sometimes the meaning of travel is not about how beautiful the scenery along the way, but who will be the accompany by your side sharing the landscape A short trip, the beautiful memories will last forever...